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Our marketing agency started in 2016 as a freelance business. Over the next three years our clients helped us grow and in October 2019 Blosser Marketing Group, LLC was established. Founded on the concept that businesses need a boutique focus with a digital marketing expert who can help drive business and marketing decisions who knows how to collect and apply customer data.

Marketing does not have to be a chore. Before our clients started working with our team, we’ve heard them say, “marketing was put on a back burner because we didn’t have the capacity to focus on it.” Sound familiar? Well, the time to focus on your business is now. We have found that business can grow when they are given the proper time and attention needed.

When hiring an outside partner like Blosser Marketing Group, you’re really hiring an extension of your marketing team. So, now, you can truly focus on your business and we can focus on attracting and educating new prospective clients on your behalf.

Data Over “Buzz”

We are data analytics divers. What do we mean by that? We prefer to utilize the marketing resources available to us in order to find unique opportunities where your competitors have yet to discover your customers. How? By identifying your target market we then reverse track their online actions. We believe marketing should be a resource that provides answers about how your service can be used and data is the way to guide decisions.

If you’re looking for buzz words where “you think” or “feel” your target audience may be spending time, that is not us. Rather than a gut feeling, we prefer to rely on actuals. When collected and properly read, we have found it has led to the most ROI for our customers.

Meet Our Team

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Frequently Asked Marketing Questions

What type of clients do you work with?

We have found success when working with businesses who understand the value of marketing but don't possess the time or understanding to execute properly. If this is you – Let’s Chat!

What makes Blosser Marketing Group different?

As a husband/wife team- we do! We are highly educated and skilled in web development and digital marketing expertise backed with white hat ethics!

We focus on transparency and integrity with each campaign’s performance and in business plans, innovation in striving for the best outcome for each client, and teamwork as your marketing partner.

Deeply Committed

We take great pride in our work and will fight to achieve only the best results for our clients. After all, we are your partners!

Digital Guru

We live and breathe digital marketing and web development and will always keep up with the latest trends and rely heavily on the data.

Highly Skilled

We practice what we preach and are very transparent in not only doing the work but in sharing our findings.

What should we expect when working together?

Step 1: We meet with the client to discuss the current marketing campaign strategy and goals to access the marketing needs.

Step 2: Clearly outline a statement of work to be signed that outlines the expectations so our team is on the same page.

Step 3: Create a strategy based on the clients’ needs. We will review and optimize your current marketing strategy in place.

Step 4: We execute the agreed upon SOW and strategy to reach the target marketing goals tracking every step of the way.

Step 5: Measure results by tracking and analyzing the data based on several indicators such as impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Step 6: Share results and optimize campaign and make recommendations to keep the campaign fresh and top of mind.

What marketing packages do you offer?

We believe each clients needs are unique and there is not a one-size fits all solution. Therefore, we prefer to chat and then provide a custom plan that will better solve your business needs. See our full list of digital marketing services and set up your initial consult.

Let Our Clients Speak For Us

Our new website truly helps elevate our organization and better support the animals we serve. You folks are pawsome!

Lindsay High
Development Director, Pet Pantry of Lancaster