Paid Ads Services

Looking for immediate results that take your business products or services to number one in the search engine results page on Google, Bing, or Amazon? Paid ads is the answer. We think of this as a temporary solution that complements SEO as it begins to gain organic search results. We help identify which keywords to bid on, how to target the audience, and measure which ads are driving the best results.


Social Media Ads

Social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snap Chat are a great way to target your ideal customer. Ad targeting capabilites vary based on several factors like age, and interest. The message can be delivered via video, image, and carousels/image slideshow with a measurable call to action.

Google Ads

Google is the number one most used website browser for consumers. Appearing as an answer for your desired audience at the top of the page creates trust, drives website traffic, and delivers results whether it is forms filled out, phone calls, or increased website traffic.

Video Ads

Search engine optimization is key to telling search engines like Google and Bing your site has an answer a user is searching for online. We help by optimizing your site and adding necessary items like schema markup, searchable keywords, and building reputable links to evergreen content.

Frequently Asked Search Engine Marketing Questions

How long can video ads be?

Paid video ads are approximately :15- :30 seconds on average.

How much do paid ads cost?

The cost of paid ads vary on your marketing goals. For example, the larger the reach the more expensive it is to hit a 3-5 frequency. With our free 30 minute consultation we can better prepare an accurate estimate for your business.

SEO vs Paid Ads

Ready to plan your marketing strategy but aren't sure where to start or what your business needs? People commonly want to rank #1 on search engines and unfortunatley fall for marketing tactics that promise the number 1 placement on Google. However, there is another option. How? Through great white hat SEO marketing.

The most basic difference between SEO and Paid Search is that SEO is earned traffic whereas paid search is traffic that you pay for. Often, the most successful marketing brands utilize a marketing plan that incoorporates a combination of these strategies.

Do you work with Non-Profits?

Yes, we have experience working with non-profits and have helped organizations navigate how to apply for and spend the $10,000 monthly Google Ad Grant.