Consulting Services

Creating, revising annually, and properly measuring strategic marketing plans are often overlooked at companies– not for lack of effort but for lack of time and resources.  With the use of our consulting services, our team of marketing experts act as an extension of your team. We have a proven track record of helping sales and marketing teams unlock their full potential and deliver exceptional results by leveraging data and proving support throughout as your trusted partner. Ready to take the next step? Let’s grab a cup of coffee and discuss your marketing needs.


Brands that become recongnizable are often because they have established consistent branding. This exceeds far beyond just a logo. Branding encompasses logo, colors, fonts, icons, and messaging. When these are aligned with the marketing strategy you turn people into customers.

Marketing Strategy

A strategic marketing plan is a roadmap that aligns marketing efforts, both print and digital marketing to cohesively work together. We believe this is a vital plan to have in place, because it helps direct team effort so they are in alignment and achieve measurable success for annual reviews year over year review. This is how businesses grow effectively.

Competitive Analysis

Let’s face it, competitors have nearly doubled in size with the increased use of consumers online. Now nusinesses need to figure out where the gaps are amoung its competitors (both in town and online) and create new strategies that help stand apart. This analysis will identify marketing gaps based on data to make businessed make informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Consulting Questions

What is marketing consulting?

As a marketing consultant, we help businesses identify areas of opportunity in their current marketing strategy. These opportunities are then taken back to an internal marketing team to execute.

How much does consulting cost?

Consulting fees range from $150 - $250 an hour depending on the scope of work.

What should I do to prepare for our meeting?

During our initial consultation meeting we will help identify next steps so you are prepared. Our first meeting we will take the time to get to know you and your business needs.

How to identify if I need a marketing consultant?

If you are looking to grow your market reach and/or business capabilities then hiring an experienced marketing consultant is the next best step. In order to grow, you need to collect data that will help create a roadmap and measure sucess both positive and negative.