CallRail- Women In Agencies

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Media

Owner, Kaitlyn Blosser was proud to be selected by agency partner, CallRail on a series that celebrates Women in Agencies.

Here is a snippet that CallRail wrote about their conversation.

Blosser Marketing specializes in website development, SEO, paid search, and more to help businesses get found. For Kaitlyn Blosser, “CallRail helps humanize our process from just numbers … to the actual humans behind the data. It provides a better voice for our clients to understand what’s working and what’s not.” Kaitlyn loves experimenting and using data to lead marketing decisions. Kaitlyn knows a failed test or a “no” isn’t the end of the story, whether it’s in marketing strategy, business relationships, or in life.

Kaitlyn blazes the trail for future female leaders by drawing on her athletic background—she started a female wrestling team at her local high school. For her, it was a way to give back to her community by providing girls with a door into a more male-dominated space—the first of many more that they will now more confidently walk through because of the opportunity Kaitlyn provides. Whether she’s speaking to her team or to her clients, her message is the same: “It’s okay to be different – it’s great to be different. Just be confident in who you are – own that. And your clients and everything else will fall into place.”

Thank you CallRail for the amazing write up. We are so thankful to be partners. Check out the full article about Women in Agencies.

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